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The “Spring Angel 2013” Painting Contest

Spring Angel 2013

We are happy to announce the next real-life painting contest from the Russian Alternative –

The Spring Angel 2013!

Agenda for contestants and guests

09.30 - 11.30 Contestant and guest registration
09.30 - 11.30 Coffee break
12.00 - 14.30 The main exhibition of contest works review
13.00 - 14.30 Lunch
15.00 - 18.00 Master classes
18.00 - 19.00 Awarding ceremony

Please note, that;

1. Contestant registration will take place only within the specified time period.
2. The main exhibition of contest works will be unavailable for viewing during master classes, due to judges work, nonetheless there will be additional exhibition of works from private collections open at that time.
3. Photo and video shooting is allowed throughout the day.

The contest will take place in Moscow on the 15th June 2013, in hotel "Salut", situated on Leninsky Prospekt. Please find location map here. The exposition will take place in a spacious bright room 260 m2. This will make it comfortable for all guests and contestants to enjoy the show without the place getting too crowdy. Masterclasses and the awarding ceremony will be held in a beautiful huge conference hall 360 m2, with large screen and nice soft armchairs. All this shall make your visit to our event fun and comfortable!

There will be a strict preplanned agenda to the even, and in case you know you may for some reason be late for registration, please let know our staff in advance, otherwise you would be able to attend the contest only as a guest, but not as a contestant. About this and more please follow news on our website, we shall announce the final agenda shortly.

Judges will be the same nice guys we all remember from last year – Matt, Ben and Jose.


  1. Fantasy – SteamPunk 28-35 mm.
  2. Sci-Fi 28-35 mm.

Any model afoot from all platforms and manufacturers, which suit the size limitations. The base should not exceed 8x8 cm.

  1. Monster.
  2. Sci-Fi Vehicle.

Anything that is made of flesh and blood goes to 3rd category, and everything that represents a product of an engineering genius goes to category 4. Model size is not restricted. This means that you can choose anything from a skinny troll to a big time tank of His Imperial Majesty! Models must not necessarily be solo – this may be a ridden monster or a large Battlewagon with a great number of stowaways on board. And yes – cavalry and all the favorite space marine bikes go to this category. Bases are not restricted in size, only by common sense. With regards to the models which may both qualify for either 3rd or 4th category (for example, if a live monster has some mechanical parts of the body), be careful – judges may decide to move the model from 3rd category to 4th, or even to Open. And we all know, only one model in each category is allowed per contestant. 

  1. Unit.

Any unit of 5 or more models from categories 1 and 2, and 3 or more models from categories 3 and 4, which may be united together for any legitimate reason. Large number of models is welcome! Bases have no restrictions in size, even though a united common base is a requirement.

  1. Open.

We are awaiting for your busts, duels, dioramas, armies on parade, 54-90 mm models, and anything else whatsoever, which for some reason you would like the world to see!


Categories 1 to 5

  • 1st Prize 500 Euro
  • 2nd Prize 350 Euro
  • 3rd Prize 150 Euro

Category 6

  • 1st Prize 700 Euro
  • 2nd Prize 500 Euro
  • 3rd Prize 300 Euro

Overall Prize 3000 Euro!!!

The miniature for the overall prize will be picked from categories 1-5 – this special prize will be assigned to the best of the best model in our contest. The model receiving an overall prize may not receive any other prizes in its category. This way, if you are sure your model is a winning piece, but you have missed on all the prizes – do not worry, it may be the one winning an overall! And yes, models from the 6th category can not win an overall prize.

General rules:

Any painter from any country and of any age may take part in The Spring Angel 2013 Painting Contest, as long as he/she meets the following conditions:

  1. Prior registration is obligatory for the contest!
  2. Personal attendance is obligatory for the contest! Painter may either bring his/her works in person, or assign a trustee to do it (a painter must inform contest organization team in advance).
  3. One painter may present only one work in each category.
  4. Works presented for the contest might be new or old, as long as they never participated in any painting contest of any kind before. We might not be able to check for all contests, but our judges are great connoisseurs of painting contests all over the world! In case of deceit, we would be forced to prohibit the participation of the painter in the Spring Angel contest, and possibly in all other contests organized by the Russian Alternative, including online.

Friendly Thanks

We would like to specially announce our good friends from Massivevoodoo, who decided to make a surprise for this contest – they will bring and hand in a special unique prize for “The most Creative Work”! In turn, Russian Alternative along with other Friends would also assign special prizes for this contest. All details about all special prizes will be kept a secret until the event!

Massive Voodoo

Guest attendance

We welcome visitors not participating in a contest, who would like to simply come along and join us for the event! Nonetheless, we would like to point out that prior registration is required in case you would like to pay us a visit on the contest – in case you fail to register in advance as a guest you may not enter the venue!  


Registration for the contest is now officially open!!! Please email your registration requests to, stating clearly the message topic “The Spring Angel Registration”, your name, nickname, country of origin, and categories you would like to compete in. In case you require any assistance with visas, tickets and hotel reservations, or simply would like to receive more information please do not hesitate to contact us on the above email.

And remember:

  • The Spring Angel 2013 Contest also offers breakfast and lunch, master-classes of the best world-known painters, and the show of the biggest private collection of miniatures in Russia, with many astonishing models displayed on CMON – you get a chance to see it with your own eyes! All this is absolutely free of charge! Our team is always happy to help you with your travel arrangements!
  • Moscow is a beautiful city with a territory of 2511 (!) and population over 15.000.000 people! Obviously, there are loads of places to visit and many astonishing things to see;
  • It is situated only a few hours flight from the EU!
  • We do not have bears here;
  • In June the average outside temperature is +24 C;
  • Not all people in Russia go around the streets drunk with a bottle of vodka in their hands;
  • Russians are actually very nice and hospitable people.

We shall be happy to welcome you in Moscow in June!


Russian alternative



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