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The Russian Alternative Online Battle 4


ATTENTION!!! We would like to inform you of the deadline change for The Russian Alternative Battle 4 online contest. Due to the increasing amount of participants amongst high profile painters from Europe and Russia, and also bearing in mind the forthcoming holidays, we decided to prolong the contest for one month, so that painters could have more time to prepare. Photos of works will be accepted until 10 MARCH 2013!!!

Do not miss the new RA online painting contest

“The Russian Alternative Battle 4”,

associated with highly advertised and heavily discussed forthcoming event - APOCALYPSE!!! 

We offer you to paint any model and compete with your work for monetary prizes! Models chosen for the contest must satisfy the following criteria:

1. Model size must be 28-32 mm

2. The model must be a representative of the category "UNDEAD". This category may consist of vampires, zombies, skeletons, banshee, necrons, etc. 

3. We do NOT allow models, which are technically not alive, but do not qualify for the "Undead" category, such as golems, elementals, etc. 

4. We allow models from any gaming platform with no restrictions. 

5. We allow dioramas, but if one decides to use it for the contest no other model should be present, besides of the main model in question. Of course it is possible to use any pieces of landscape, accessories and other. 

7. The base must be no more than 5*5 cm.  

 8. The photos of works must be emailed in decent quality, but each weighting no more than 2 Mb.  

9. All incoming photos of one model may not be formed as a collage, I.e. with many photos of one model on one page - this makes judges work much more difficult. It is better to email all photos separately. 

10. We accept registration request from any country in the world without any limitations whatsoever, including age restrictions. 

11. One painter may represent only one work!

12. The work presented for the contest must be new, not published in any form on any resource before, and not presented for any other contest in any country in the world previously. 


ATTENTION, REGISTRATION REQUIRED!!! We have now officially opened the registration for this contest. You can send your request by email to We accept registration requests until 15 February 2013. In your registration request please state clearly your Nickname and the country you come from, and state RAB 4 in the topic line of your message. 

 Photos of your works will be accepted up until 23.55 Moscow time on 10 March 2013. 

Please email your photos to Please beware that your work may be considered accepted ONLY after you receive a reply that your email has been received! In case if you send your email and do not get a reply, please be so kind to write to us again! 


The total prize fund is 900 Euro:

1st Place – 400 Euro

2nd Place – 300 Euro

3rd Place – 200 Euro


The judges for the contest are the world-known artists with sound reputations.

Ben Komets and Matt Cexwish.

Artist’s works may be viewed on

Please feel free to email us with any further questions on and of course tell all your friends about the forthcoming event! We await for your brilliant works in our contest! Welcome and Good Luck!


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